Safety & Standards

Transport Help believes that a safety conscious employee and a productive employee go hand-in-hand. If an employee feels safer while performing at the job site, they will assume a higher level of productivity.

Each employee receives an orientation regarding health and safety in the workplace. We also explain to each employee why properly guarded footwear is mandatory and if there is a requirement for other safety equipment within the client's facility, then this specific training will also be performed.

We have a full-time compensation specialist whose function is to ensure that safety in the workplace remains a top priority. This involves close relationships with our employees, clients, and provincial compensation boards, as well as strict adherence to employment standards legislation.

Transport Help Inc. can help you with your safety programs and avoid costly penalties from audits, etc. A custom-tailored safety program, including safety meetings can be drafted to suit your needs.

Transport Help's recruiting process consists of extensive interviews, in-depth background checks, mandatory driver road tests, regular six-month abstract reviews, and performance evaluation tests.

The result? A continuous improvement program emphasizing safety, certification, and service.

We work for you to provide our assigned staff:

  1. Mandatory safety orientation policies and procedures.
  2. Orientation in your company's policies and procedures.
  3. Customer service and communication skills.
  4. On-board recording and communication device training.
  5. Hours of service training.