At Total Personnel Solutions, we strive to service our customers and candidates to the best of our ability.  In order to achieve this goal, we have learned to focus our attention on what we do best:  offering workforce management within 5 pillars of business...transportation, shutdowns & special projects, licensed trades, skilled labour, and confined space rescue services.  This focus enables us to quickly find higher quality talent that fits well and stays a long time.


Our "Five-Star" Offering

Full service Workforce Management (in charge of all staff, payroll, benefits, recruitment, coordinator, day to day operations, up to and including management if required).



This is how it all began - servicing the transportation industry in Northern Ontario and beyond by placing AZ/DZ Drivers in full-time and part-time positions.  Transportation has been our core business for years and we feel privileged to have a strong customer-base and a qualified pool of drivers.  The recruitment and placement process for drivers is clear and concise and works well!  Discover the needs of the Customer, Prospect for the Candidates that we feel will fit:  Interview, Road Test, CVOR, Abstract, Criminal Check, Reference Check, Placement, Continual Follow-up.  Training in TDG, WHMIS, Hours of Service, Load Security, and Forklift.  For a list of our online courses visit our NATT page.


Shutdowns & Special Projects

We understand that managing the logistical, manpower and safety components of your business can be seen as a major challenge.  We have successfully managed a pool of manpower efficiently and safely with many skills.  Some include:  Licensed Trades People, Skilled Labourers, Confined Space Rescue Teams, Confined Space Coordinators, Safety Coordinators.  Our areas of expertise encompasses maintenance Shutdowns; Remote Camp Work and Special Projects.  The individuals supplied for such work are job-ready as we are diligent and meticulous when it comes to their training requirements being current, along with their PPE.


Licensed Trades

We supply qualified Trade Professionals, i.e. Millwrights, Welders, Electricians, etc. Either on a contract basis, or permanent full time positions.  Whether customers are in need of these professionals in shops, in the field, or on special projects, we approach our recruitment on the same basis...finding high quality talent that fits well and stays for the duration.  Trade certifications and required training documents are made available and we ensure that everyone is compliant.



Great care is taking in the recruitment and placement of both general and skilled labourers at TPS.  We are very proud of the work ethic and commitment that our crews show while at work.  They are available and willing to work diligently and safely in a variety of jobs and opportunities.  We are confident that you will notice the difference when working with a TPS Labourer.


Confined Space Rescue Services

We offer Confined Space Rescue Services (fully equipped for any type of Confined Space Rescue) and Safety Consulting (we supply Safety Professionals).  We are confident that our Confined Space Rescue Teams are among the best in Northern Ontario!  The training that these individuals participate in is rigorous and constant and they are held to an extremely high standard of expectations when it comes to safety and the importance of their job.  Their training involves many scenarios and is held in two confined space simulators, outside in all elements and takes place over a period of a few days. In order for somone to become a confined space team member of the TPS Group of Companies, they must participate in over 30 elements of training and site orientation.  The time and cost involved to become job-ready demonstrates that these team members are serious, committed and passionate about their roles in ensuring that workers go home safely each day!

We have a group of qualified candidates that are eager and willing to contribute in a positive manner to the various companies and organizations that TPS Group of Companies services.  We are proud to present each and everyone one of these consiencious, safety-minded professionals for consideration and placement.

We also conduct:

  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • Qualification Checks
  • Interviewing and Screening
  • Job-Ready Mandatory Training