We understand that managing the logistical, manpower and safety components of your business can be seen as a major challenge.

We've got good news, this is What We Do:

We cover the logistical, manpower and safety components for these needs.
Health & Safety

  • Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Remote Camp Work
  • Special Projects


  • Site and Job Checklist
  • Recruitment
    • Matching the skill set to the scope work
  • Credential Verification
    • Certification Documents supplied
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) reviewed
  • Coordination of Training Required
  • Scheduling Review
  • Transportation
    • To the site and on-site
    • Vehicles and drivers (i.e. bus drivers)
  • Contingency/Workforce Plans

Shutdown Phase:

  • Site Coordination
  • Daily Schedules
  • Daily Attendance/Contingency Implementation
  • Transportation
    • Shift start/shift changes
  • Daily PPE Review
  • Consistent communication with personnel
  • Consistent communication with the client
    • Review daily needs
    • Efficiency of the staff supplied
    • Safety (Zero harm is the goal!)

Post Shutdown Phase:

  • Full review of shutdown with client
    • Efficiencies/ Deficiencies
    • Safety
  • Confirm next service date

Over the years TPS has successfully managed a pool of manpower efficiently and safely with the following skills:

Trades/Skilled Labour

  • Licensed/Red Seal/Journeymen Millwrights
  • Licensed/Red Seal/Journeymen Electricians
  • Licensed Welders
  • Skilled Labourers


  • Confined Space Rescue Teams (with or without rescue equipment)
  • Confined Space Coordinators
  • Safety Coordinators


  • Project Manager
  • Shutdown Manager
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Project Engineers
  • Scope Writers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Site Clerks
  • Quality Control Experts




Mark Arnold, General Manager, 705.682.3362 ext. 110 / 1.866.244.3334 ext. 110  C: 705.561.4644

 Jennifer Roy, CHSO, Confined Space Specialist, Industrial Safety Trainer / Consultant Sales, 705.682.3362. ext. 104  C: 705.561.9431

When your plant or facility requires maintenance to continue to operate safely and efficiently.
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