Working at Heights Training

NATT Safety Services is offering a full calendar of Working at Heights Training and Working at Heights Refresher Training.

Working at heights training is valid for 3 years from the date of successful completion of a Ministry of Labour- approved program.

The Working at Heights Training course and the Working at Heights Training Refresher Course offered by NATT Safety Services are both approved by the Ministry of Labour Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) of Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour mandated October 1, 2017 as the final date that employers must have had their workers successfully complete a working at heights (WAH) training, CPO-approved program.

If you’ve completed your Working at Heights training over 3 years ago, you are required to complete a Working at Heights refresher course.

NATT Safety Services put together a Complete Guide to Working at Heights training if you require more information about Working at Heights training.

For a complete schedule of Working at Heights training, visit or view our calendar of events for details.