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NATT (Northern Academy), a division of TPS Group of Companies  has been registered as a Private Career College of Transportation Training for 25 years with a 98% job placement.  NATT (Safety Services) provides onsite Industrial Safety Training, Confined Space Rescue Services & Training, and Safety Consulting.  We are very proud to announce, the addition of our  NATT HSE Software Solutions which consists of an LMS System and E-Learning Courses. We feel this is the next step, in supplying our clients and students with approved training, world-wide.

We have an on-demand course library of over 500 accredited courses, and it is growing monthly.  Click to view the Online Course Library.  We can provide bulk group discounts for each course.  Once a course is completed from the library, the backend management system is populated to store this information and you as an administrator can view all records and progress. You can also upload and manage your own course content.  This system has evolved to be one of, if not the premier training management systems being offered in Canada today!

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